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Danny Ocean
29 September 2008 @ 12:18 am
"Just where the fuck was Rusty?" It was a thought, not a statement, for he had no reason for expressing it and every reason not to. In his present company, he had no inclination whatsoever of introducing a man who robbed casinos for a living. This was just merely an aside to his rather forlorn self. He appeared to be at a loose end. Always thinking though. Always thinking. He eyed Sam, trying to see his tells, trying to read him just from the way his stance may have changed from moment to moment, the way he may scratch his ear or look to the sky when he was being ever so slightly less than honest with the man he was currently devoting his clearly valuable time to.

Danny was out of earshot, but he could pick out a few words from Sam's conversation with the thin, greasy, swarthy man in the off-white suit with the drainpipe slacks. The hair above his lip almost as shiny as the hair on his head. The man looked nervous. Well who wouldn't, when faced with one of the most powerful and dangerous men in the city in a side street at the wrong end of town.

Danny mouthed a word silently as it emerged, equally muted, through Sam's now gritted teeth. "Ginger".

There was a "kill" and several "motherfuckers" aswell, but it was the name that grabbed Danny's attention most.

Since the shit had hit the fan with Tony and Ginger, the meeting to discuss the evenings' events had not gone well. Was it only such a short time since that night? It felt like longer.

Time passed slowly in the desert, he mused, with a wry, winning smile, to no-one.

The man in the off-white suit across the street embroiled with Sam put a hand on either hip, trying to bely his fear for the bigger, stronger opponent. Trying to give himself an air of non-compliance, an attitude of disdain for the man standing right up in his face. Sam's knowing glare would see that this would not last long.

Danny pondered on his reasons for being here at all. Perhaps he too wanted to know where Ginger was? Was he that bothered whether she was alive or dead? He questioned his own motives for their union. He reminded himself that there was alot of money to be made amongst the movers and shakers only ten blocks up the street. He reminded himself of Tess, and failed to suppress a smile.

Danny pushed himself off the Mustang he was leaning against as a second car pulled up directly next to, and opposite it. He turned nonchalantly to view its occupants and his heart sank a little lower when he realised who it was.

This. He could really do without.
Current Location: Vegas
Danny Ocean
22 March 2007 @ 10:26 am
Continued from Ginger's here.

Although Danny knew The Tangiers well enough, this was still Ginger's territory. Quite literally, in fact. As they entered, Ginger was still as close, overt and forthcoming as she had been across the road at the Grand. This surprised Danny, if he was honest, but guessed her relationship with her husband, who would no doubt be alerted to their presence within minutes, was something she had suitable control over. Married couples, of any notable duration, usually found themselves coming to an understanding eventually.

Most married couples, that is...
Danny Ocean
10 March 2007 @ 03:34 pm
((Continued from here))

"If I'm concerned for you, then it's not because I'm your ex-husband. If anyone got involved with Benedict, I'd tell them the same thing. The only reason I'm more concerned for you is because I care for you more. You can call me jealous if you want to, if it makes you feel better."

Danny ordered the wine from the bartender.

"Don't get my concern for all things Terry Benedict confused with chasing around after you. You'll see I'm right, I'm just trying to save you a little time."

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